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To try the beta version of my Farsi editor Click on the Cyan Space and
begin to type. To delete the character, use "delete" or "Backspace".
And press Enter to get it in the scroll-frame.
Of course this is a beta version and just for testing. But very soon you
will be able to save the text or use it for chat or email.

This program is based on Farsi-KeyMapping standard FPK.

Farsi KeyMapping     draft  1.0    Date : 10-01-1997
               With the overall logic

To look for a character, just think of the logical

The only exceptions are "se" and "zaa", because there
is no logical map for them; so we use "w" and "W".

Because all Farsi-Editors (wordprocessing) should
support "auto capturing", so we are using the
uppercase and lowercase for the mapping.

The characters "i" , "o" and "u" are not used.
                aa(~)           A
                alef            a
                be              b
                pe              p
                te              t
                se              w
                jim             j
                ce  (che)       c
                he              H
                xe  (khe)       x
                daal            d
                zaal            D
                re              r
                ze              z
                zhe             J
                sin             s
                shin            S
                saad            C
                zaad            Z
                taa             T
                zaa             W
                eyn             e
                qeyn            Q
                fe              f
                qaaf            q
                kaaf            k
                gaaf            g
                laam            l
                mim             m
                nun             n
                vaav            v
                he              h
                ye              y
    With the support and cooperation from the
            Digital-Farsi Committee.

    Raabet Team

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