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To try the beta version of my Farsi editor Click on the Cyan Space and
begin to type. Use "+" and "-" to change the font size and "/" to
switch to Italic mode. To delete the character, use "delete" or "Backspace".
And press Enter to change the color.
Of course this is a beta version and just for testing. But very soon you
will be able to save the text or use it for chat or email.

This program is based on Farsi-KeyMapping standard FPK.

Farsi KeyMapping     draft  1.0    Date : 10-01-1997
               With the overall logic

To look for a character, just think of the logical

The only exceptions are "se" and "zaa", because there
is no logical map for them; so we use "w" and "W".

Because all Farsi-Editors (wordprocessing) should
support "auto capturing", so we are using the
uppercase and lowercase for the mapping.

The characters "i" , "o" and "u" are not used.
 As a help we map them to "alef" and "vaav".
                aa(~)           A , u
                alef            a , i
                be              b
                pe              p
                te              t
                se              w
                jim             j
                ce  (che)       c
                he              H
                xe  (khe)       x
                daal            d
                zaal            D
                re              r
                ze              z
                zhe             J
                sin             s
                shin            S
                saad            C
                zaad            Z
                taa             T
                zaa             W
                eyn             e
                qeyn            Q
                fe              f
                qaaf            q
                kaaf            k
                gaaf            g
                laam            l
                mim             m
                nun             n
                vaav            v , o
                he              h
                ye              y
    With the support and cooperation from the
            Digital-Farsi Committee.

    Raabet Team

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