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We are glad to introduce you our new services !

"DLBDL gives you the opportunity to contact the people all over the world"
"100% anonymous and confidential !"


      DLBDL provides you a powerful and 100% confidential service to find friends or couples. In DLBDL you can find e.g. a partner with the same hobby or somebody to travel with, penpal or even the partner for your life. DLBDL gives you the best opportunity making relationship all over the world and any time you want. Isn't it wonderful to find friends in Iran ,Europe ,Canada ,... DLBDL makes it possible.


      Please fill out the application form with your information such as gender ,name ,Email ,... and save it.
      Your personal information will not be displayed to anybody and it will be only saved in DLBDL. Please give true answer to make it easier to find your right match. You will add an advertisement Text and title which will be displayed to the person whom you match her/his search. Use as AD Title something like : looking for a tennis player .. In the AD content field you write your text. For example: Who is interested in playing tennis with me in Paris I am male , 29 and .... In the area "person you are looking for" you can choose the gender , relationship that you want to have and the age of the person. for example age 20 to 30. You can leave one or both "age from" and "age to" field empty , if you don't care about it. It is very important that you choose a password, which will be required to connect other users or to modify your Listing later. If the application is not completely filled out, a message will remind you to fill in the blanks. when the application is complete then you will have a unique ID number which will be used by all your activities in DLBDL in the future. (please remember your ID number and password, because of security issues there is no way to restore a lost one)


      To change your entries, click on change entry in main menu, then give your ID number and password. After you make your changes press on the SAVE button to submit the changes.


      To delete your entries, send us an email with your ID number and password. We will remove your entry immediatly.


      In order to search someone, click on search button in main menu search entry page will appears. Select qualification of the person you are looking for (gender, age, relationship, hobby, ...) then click begin search button. DLBDL will find the matching person(s) to you and you can respond to him or her Immediately (see the "How to respond" for detail). You can leave one or both "age from" and "age to" field empty , if it doesn't matter to you. You can make your search limited or open, depending on which fields are used. For example: If you only select the gender, and all the other fields empty , you will see all the male or female member in DLBDL.


      remember that the receiver never will see your real name and email address. There are 2 ways : By the search and without search.
      By the search :
      to respond the match person click on "respond" Button (the small one on the right corner of each entry) then you will get the response form.
      Without search :
      If you already have your match person and want to reply , or after you become an email from somebody , you can write an email in following steps:
      go from the main menu to "contact DLBDL member" give your User-ID and Password and the User-ID from the person you want to write. Then type your text and click on send Email. The DLBDL program will find the real email address of the partner and send your email to the correct address. The partner will receive an email from an anonymous address like : haafez , 1350@raabert.com , where haafez is the senders nickname. and can replay the same way, also from the "contact page" in DLBDL. For your security, please don't use your normal email program to respond. It will be delivered, but we suggest to use the raabets way. If you forget your partner's ID number go to search in main menu, type the information that you have and begin the search. you will find your partner's ID number.


      you can get responses from other members. Of course 100% confidential. We suggest that you answer every Email, even if you think she/he is not the right match for you. perhaps you would also like to get an answer to your Email.


      The important part is that everybody is anonum, you can use a nick name or your real name if you want.

      please update immediately your email change (or data changes) because your entry will be eventually result of somebody's search.
      send us an email if you don't want to be in the listing any more.

      Any person that adds an entry accepts full responsibility for that entry. We assume no responsibilities as to the validity, correctness and/or trustfulness of any of the entries posted, and will not be liable for any monetary and/or non-monetary loss and/or damages that may results from using our services. We reserve the right to remove any of the posted entries at anytime without notice and/or explanation.


      Information: 1 lb = 0.453 kg, 1 foot = 30 cm, 1 inch = 2.54 cm

                      Aries        =  March 21        to  April 20
                      Taurus       =  April 21        to  May 21
                      Gemini       =  May 22          to  June 21
                      Cancer       =  June 22         to  July 23
                      Leo          =  July 24         to  August 23
                      Virgo        =  August 24       to  September 23
                      Libra        =  September 24    to  October 23
                      Scorpio      =  October 24      to  November 22
                      Sagittarius  =  November 23     to  December 21
                      Capricorn    =  December 22     to  January 20
                      Aquarius     =  January 21      to  February 18
                      Pisces       =  February 19     to  March 20
    and tell your friends about DLBDL.

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