This is a place where you can talk to people from around the globe in real time.
If you'd like to hang out and chat, just follow the Instruction below.
See the Program-Info and License Agreement.

For IRC professions and for people who want to experiment,
I suggest to get the Version 2.0 beta 1

If you are NOT a first time user

Note : You will need a JavaAble Browser.

(Your CHAT Screen will look like this)

Because of Java security issues you can not run this program directly from our server.
In order to get this running, please follow the steps:


You need this step only for the first time or for upgrading. So you can jump to the Step two, if you have the Applet already.
With the right mouse button (or Shift + left mouse button) click here to get the Applet and save it in the CLASSPATH of Java.
-In Windows95 and NT, Netscape user can find the path under :
which is usually placed under
    C:\Program Files\Navigator\Netscape\program\java\classes
And MS-Explorer user can find the path under :
Tip: to find the CLASSES directory use "FIND" command (F3) on windows desktop.

- MAC , Netscape user can find the path under :
    system folder , preferences, netscape , java , netscape classes

- In UNIX machines :

    1. copy the java class files in a local directory. For example: ~/classes
    2. Set and export your CLASSPATH variable so that it includes the directory from step 1. For example, using sh: CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:~/classes
    3.Restart Netscape.

- A complete Instruction coming soon for other computers.

(This program is about 15 KB, so it will take maximum 20 seconds to download.)


After the file is saved
Once you are connected, everything you type will be displayed to everyone who is listed in user list.

For more information see the ChatMe Program Page.


Please let me know if problems occur, and be patient during the connection time.
It depends on Internet traffic.